Faith Formation Board

Mission Statement:
Actively share and nurture our Catholic Church to build discipleship and faith throughout our community.

To assist the pastor or Director of Religious Education (DRE) in identifying and articulating the educational needs and aspirations of the entire parish community.
The board, acting on behalf of the community it serves, seeks to advise patiently and conscientiously to the entire range of educational institutions and programs within the ministry.  Members act as an advisory body in developing policies and addressing the educational and catechetical needs of all constituents.

The Board is made up of twelve (12) discerned members who serve three year terms plus the Pastor, DRE and the Parish Administrator.  Each year four (4) new members are to be discerned.  Board members are to have staggered terms so that four new Board members are added each year.  Members may discern for a second three year term after their initial term expires.  Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms

  • Board Member qualifications:  Candidates must:
    • Be registered members of the parish
    • Be in full communion with the Catholic Church
    • Commit themselves to spiritual growth
    • Commit themselves to skills development as part of the Christian leadership process
    • Be willing to commit the necessary time and energy to offer effective consultation
    • Have demonstrated a commitment to the parish community 

Discernment is a process of prayer, reflection and dialogue under the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of selecting members of the Board.  The discernment process is held on the second Saturday of January from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  The process begins with Mass.  Any registered member of the parish can attend and be a part of the discernment process.  A bulletin announcement will be posted in the parish bulletin asking for parishioners who are interested in being discerned to call the church office to be included in the process.  Requesting to participate is not a commitment to serve, only to attend and be a part of the process.  The decision to serve is a prayerful response to the call of God and the community.


  • The Sacred Heart Church Faith Formation Board meets on the second Thursday of each month.
Questions or comments may be addressed to Emma Meehan at emmam2415@gmail.com.