Spiritual Direction

Thank you for your interest in spiritual direction at Sacred Heart. 

Spiritual direction means different things to different people, so let us share with you some of the most frequently asked questions.

What does the spiritual director do?

Spiritual direction is a ministry in which one person helps another to focus on her/his experience of and relationship with God.  Each of us has an intimate relationship with God.  We are always growing and discovering new things about God, our world, and ourselves.  A spiritual director is someone with whom you can share these experiences; someone who will be your companion as you discern choices and decisions in your life’s journey with God.
What will we talk about in ongoing spiritual direction?

You and your director will talk about prayer, about the ways we communicate with God, and the ways God communicates with us.  The director will help you discern what you believe God is saying to you in prayer and your life experiences.  She or he will listen for God’s presence in your day-to-day life and help you become more aware of God’s grace.
What if my prayer life doesn’t measure up to what the director expects?

Your spiritual director will encourage your prayer but will not put expectations on your prayer.  Rather, the experiences and growth from your own prayer are carefully heard by the director and held with care.  Your director may suggest ways of praying that may help you communicate more openly with God, but how you pray is your choice.  The director listens, discerns, prays, and reflects back to you what she/he hears you saying about your own relationship with God.
What is my personal commitment?

Your commitment to the spiritual direction relationship is to come to the sessions openly and honestly, to be faithful to your personal prayer life, and to be prompt for the scheduled meetings with your director.  If you are unable to keep an appointment with your director, you are expected to contact her/him as much in advance as possible to cancel or re-schedule the meeting.
What if I don’t feel comfortable with my director?

You always have the freedom to continue direction with another director.  After a few meetings, you will both assess how the relationship is going and you can continue or make changes as you feel necessary.    

For more information or to schedule a spiritual direction appointment:

Kathy Carter, Parish Secretary, 281-342-3609