Worship Ministries

Volunteers who have met the criteria as set forth by the Pastor and the Archdiocese. Candidates must complete the Archdiocesan and parish training sessions after which the pastor submits their names to the archbishop for approval as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Extraordinary Ministers assist with distribution of Holy Communion at Sunday and daily Masses, take Holy Communion to the sick, both homebound and hospitalized.
Candidates must be at least 18 years of age or seniors in high school and fully initiated in the Church through the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.  If married, candidates must be married in the Catholic Church. They must also be persons of genuine Eucharistic faith, live exemplary Catholic lives, and be psychologically mature.
Contact:  Church Office, 281-342-3609
Through this ministry, God’s living Word continues to be proclaimed to His people. Lectors desire to witness to their Christian faith, are concerned that the Word of God is proclaimed well, and are aware that their reading talents should be shared with the whole community. Training involving scriptural background and practical skills, i.e., reading in front of the congregation, is required.
Contact:  Church Office, 281-342-3609
Young people, who are at least 5th grade age and who show an interest in being an integral part of the Mass and other liturgical events. An altar server must attend training and must be reliable in meeting his/her responsibility in performing assigned duties when scheduled. Altar servers may serve until they graduate from high school.
Contact:  Church Office, 281-342-3609
Among the servants of God who comprise the membership of the Body of Christ, ushers and greeters are called to provide a very special service. They create an atmosphere of welcome, community, and order. They welcome all, introduce strangers, distribute worship aids, assist with the collections and occasional special activities, assist in the orderly movement of the faithful as they enter and exit the church, and during Communion, and ensure that the church is left in order after Mass. 
Contact: Church Office, 281-342-3609