From the Desk of the Pastor

From the Desk of the Pastor

Dear Parishioners,

As you all know, the pandemic has hit us hard. The whole world is facing and dealing with Covid-19. Up to now, many young children have lost their moms or dads because of Coronavirus; many people have become widows or widowers because of this deadly pandemic. Many people have died without any loved ones nearby. Furthermore, many businesses have been shut down; many companies have laid employees off or furloughed some, and many people have been displaced against their will. However, as far as I know, none of the churches or parishes in our Archdiocese have been closed! Thanks be to God.

Together with the whole nation, our parish is trying to get back to normal step by step. As your pastor, I am so happy to see many faces that I have not been able to see for more than 18 months. I am so happy to encounter the many people who are coming back to church. I am especially happy to see so many young families. The best gift that young families can give to the church of God is the gift of life! By bringing their wives, husbands and children to church, these families are helping to breathe new life into the church. I do believe that God will continue to bless our young families abundantly with countless graces and gifts. This is a great sign. Keep up the great work!

During the pandemic, I have been working with Finance Council, Pastoral Council, Ground Maintenance Committee, and our staff members to prepare a few things around our campus in order to welcome our parishioners and CCE students back. These modifications include repainted restrooms in Family Life Center; redone asphalt around the campus, repaired sidewalks, and replaced all the lights in the big parking lot and Mother’s Day Out classrooms.

This year, we began our new school year with many great things. We blessed our student’s backpacks, and they received religious medals. Additionally, we have blessed our catechists, teachers, and all ministries of the parish. We also have beautiful prayers for students and teachers. A few days ago, I blessed all of the students of Mother’s Day Out with Holy Water. Some children were laughing when the water touched them; some were crying. I could hear clearly after I left the classroom: “I want my mommy! I want my mommy!” It was sooooooooo funny!

Last week, we began our CCE programs with elementary level, high school level and confirmation classes. We have a great crowd. Moreover, we also have many new catechists who are willing to serve the church. Parents and catechists are the very first teachers to teach the faith to our children. On behalf of the parish, thank you so much to all the catechists for helping the parish. Thank you so much for giving your time and talents. Thank you so much for being willing to confer your faith and knowledge to our children. This is the best gift that you can give Sacred Heart Church. Besides, I have noticed that this school year, we have many volunteers who are serving as guards to direct the traffic and protect the children from strangers. Most of these guards are members of the Knights of the Columbus of our parish. This is the life of the parish. I am so happy to see this. This is the love and care that Jesus Christ wants us to share with one another. This is the love and care that Jesus Christ desires us to serve each other without counting the cost. This is all that Jesus Christ loves to see how we care and serve others.

Lately, if you walked into the main entrance of the church, then you would encounter two signs on the stands with the image of two men. One is on the top of the mountain who is giving out his hand to grasp the hand of one who is falling. This is called “That Man Is You” program. I encourage more men to participate in this program. I also want to encourage our parishes wives, to please urge your husbands to join this program. Women of the parish, please use your “Women Power”, the power of “Mother Superior” to encourage your Men to sign up and participate in this wonderful program.

Furthermore, our annual Bazaar is back! Yes, we will have our Bazaar this year. Please save the date: October 10th, 2021, from 11:30am until 5:00pm. This is a time for parishioners to get together to build up our fellowship. This is the time for us to serve one another. This is the time for children to play and release their stress. And this is the time for us to see all the works around the campus and help with our future projects. I really appreciate the time and dedication of Larry and Lois Gremminger as the Bazaar Chairs. I also appreciate the chairperson of each booth. I appreciate all the donations and contributions of our parishioners. Thank you so much for helping the church.

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, last but not least, this week September 23rd, our Sacred Heart Church reopens “All Day Eucharistic Adoration” in the Chapel right after 8:00am Mass and Benediction at 7:00pm. If you can have spare time, please come and adore Jesus Christ, the Source of our lives every Thursday. Jesus is waiting for us, he loves to hear our petitions, and has the power to answer our prayers. The Eucharist has been the center of the life of the Church throughout centuries and continues to be. The Eucharist is the real Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. On the Cross, Jesus Christ gave us his precious life to redeem us, and each day on the Altar, Jesus Christ continues to offer His precious Body and Blood to nourish each and everyone of us. Therefore, my dear parishioners, please go to church on Sunday to be fed and nurtured with the Body and Blood of Christ. Come and taste the goodness of the Lord! Amen.

Best regards,

Rev. Joseph Ho, Pastor